The shells displayed on these pages form part of a private collection owned by WeaverWorx, unless otherwise specified. All shells in this collection were collected dead (i.e. empty shells only) when washed out on the beach and in the shallow rockpools close to the shore; no sea critters were harmed during collection or photographing of the shells. All images of shells in this collection were captured by WeaverWorx. A ZAR R5 coin was added to each photograph as an indication of the size of the shells.

This seashell identification guide was created to assist website users in the identification of shells found on our beaches. Click on the image to enlarge and open a carousel display of a specific shell.

Note: The shells were identified with reference to similar images available on the internet, but quite a few still remain unidentified. Should users note incorrect identification or be able to assist with the identification of unidentified shells, please do so by leaving a comment on the page relevant to the specific shell, using the Facebook comment plugin. All comments and attachments thereto are subject to the approval of the website administrators. Please respect our request not to abuse this facility in a manner that may cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety to any internet user.

Website users are invited to submit images of their own shell finds on these beaches by following this link to Create Seashells and completing the form. Image sizes must be at least 2000 pixels on the long edge, 1500 pixels on the short edge, and should not exceed 2 MB in file size (.jpeg or .jpg). Please leave your name to enable us to credit you with submitting the image. Please note that content submitted to the website is subject to our Terms and Conditions, and specifically paragraph 5 (User Content).